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The crucial issue of mental health has not received the attention it deserves during this federal election campaign. I subsequently write to strongly urge you to make mental health a priority at the upcoming federal election on behalf of the millions of Australians who experience mental illness every year, many of whom reside in your electorate.

The state of mental health in Australia has now reached crisis status. The suicide toll is increasing to almost 9 people a day, a 42% rise in the past decade, with 90% of those lost having experienced a mental illness.[1] Comparatively, the proportion of some physical illnesses such as the national cancer death rate has reduced by 24% over the past 30 years.[2] This shows that with the same political will, we can together achieve a significant reduction in the rate of suicide in Australia.

Australians with mental illness also have much poorer physical health outcomes and a 14-year life expectancy gap between their neighbours without a mental disorder.[3] One-third of avoidable deaths result from co-existing mental and physical illness because people living with severe mental illness often endure poorer physical health.[4]

Over a sixth (15.1%) of Australian adults are psychologically distressed, up from a recent low of 9.8% in 2013.[5] There is widespread stigma across metropolitan and regional areas. Australians with a mental condition report experiencing discrimination or unfair treatment at 1.6 times the rate of those without a mental condition.[6] Australians living with mental illness also report lower rates of community participation, volunteer work, political participation and educational attainment.[7] And finally, Australians with poor mental health average life satisfaction scores of 6.5 out of 10, compared to a higher score of 8 among those with moderate to good mental health.[8]

Australians governments have repeatedly failed to prioritise mental health spending. This must change. For too long, mental health and psychiatric care has been grossly underfunded when compared to physical health, despite the enormous economic and emotional cost exacted – as proven by the statistics above.

Funding commitments, when they do occur, focus on hospital networks at the expense of critical mental health investment where they are needed most and would have the greatest impact – in the community.

OUR ASK: Your support for Community Mental Health Hubs

In light of these shocking facts, I am writing to call on you to address this statewide emergency by supporting Australians for Mental Health’s vision for a national network of Community Mental Health Hubs.

At their core, Community Mental Health Hubs will provide access to quality mental health support where and when Australian residents need it.

This critical reform is now needed as a GP visit and a referral for 10 sessions with a psychologist doesn’t cut it for people with serious or emerging mental health issues. And the awful reality is that when people are taken to hospital in an ambulance, they are often dismissed without any kind of treatment plan.

To alleviate this problem, I urge you to support the establishment of Community Mental Health hubs across Australia that provide walk-in assessment, referral and services for people experiencing mental health issues

These Hubs would offer:

  • Service navigation support.
  • 24/7 assertive outreach and ambulatory care.
  • Specialist psychiatric care.
  • Consulting rooms for visiting specialists.
  • Psychology services and relevant mental health support programs.
  • Facilities for GPs and allied health professionals.
  • Facilities for social and community support services (housing, domestic violence, community policing)
  • Online and telephone hotline services (triage, client profiles telehealth, telepsychiatry, online interventions)
  • Drug and alcohol counselling.
  • Vocational support.

You can support this idea by committing state funding to a pilot program that would establish a small number of Community Mental Health hubs by the year 2020. 

This innovative idea is an important part of fixing the broken mental health system in Australia that is failing those living with mental illness and at risk of suicide.

The time for your leadership and government action is now.

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