Speak Your Mind


Australians for Mental Health is proud to partner with United for Global Mental Health to develop Speak Your Mind - a nationally driven, globally united campaign with a vision of mental health or all. People affected by mental illness, their family and friends are at the centre of driving this campaign both here in Australia, and internationally.

To push our leaders to take action on improving mental health care, we have worked with campaigners from 15 countries to co-create a new global mental health campaign to end the silence and fight for action. Our new campaign, called Speak Your Mind, launched at the World Health Assembly in Geneva last week, a gathering of health ministers and decision makers from around the world.

The Speak Your Mind campaign is calling on governments to invest, educate and empower to lead us into a future where mental health is valued. There are three main things we’re calling on government leaders to do:

  • Invest in mental health. High-income countries like Australia should spend at least 10% of their health budgets on mental health.
  • Educate the public to improve people’s understanding of mental health. Specifically, they should run public awareness campaigns, co-produced with those with lived experience of mental health issues.
  • Empower people with lived experience and collaborate with them to develop and deliver more effective, inclusive mental health systems that uphold human rights.

People with mental health conditions should lead change within communities, throughout health services and across government.

Join us in giving the megaphone to people with lived experience, whose voices have been lost for too long. By amplifying the calls for change from people with mental health conditions, we can open up so many opportunities.

Here are three actions you can take right away to Speak Your Mind:

Sign up to the campaign, read our manifesto and pledge to make change happen

  • Sign up to the campaign, read the Manifesto and pledge to make change happen
  • Show your support through posting on social media using #SpeakYourMind and taking a picture of yourself striking the hand shout pose
  • Share the campaign with your networks to grow the movement fighting for action.

For more information visit https://www.gospeakyourmind.org/