Winter Solstice

Help shine a light on mental health.

Winter solstice marks the darkest night of the year, before the slow climb back to summer. The 4 million Australians affected by mental illness and their families have known a different kind of darkness, often facing a mental health system that is under funded, under resourced and failing us.

This June, gather your friends, neighbours, coworkers and host an event to shine a light for those affected by suicide and mental illness. Perhaps it's a curry night, a potluck dinner, or tea and scones - connect with your local community and support Australians for Mental Health in transforming our mental health system

The original event was started in 2013 by Albury-based organisation Survivors of Suicide and Friends. The Winter Solstice is an opportunity for communities to gather on the longest (and often coldest) night of the year to be entertained, enlightened and supported. See link to the event here