Suparna Bhasin

Suparna Bhasin is an inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, transformational coach, writer and philanthropist. She has dedicated her life to helping people find and follow their dreams and works with women to help them find their voice and true calling in the world. In her career she has facilitated and spoken in front of thousands of people around this work.

Suparna has dedicated her life to bringing contemplative and wellbeing practices such as meditation, breath-work and yoga as well as education on the importance and role of diet, exercise and service into modern day solutions to combat the mental health crisis.

Suparna has a lived experience and is critical of current treatment regimes, especially those that lead to the over prescription of medications. Suparna is also co-founder of the MaiTri Foundation, a philanthropic foundation committed to improving mental health and access to support services. Her goal is to bring ancient Vedic knowledge to different communities in Australia. Suparna sits on the Board of YES! For Schools which operates under the International Association for Human Values and was appointed as Chair of the Board of Australians for Mental Health (AFMH) on July 16 2019. Suparna’s current work builds on grassroots experience. Since 2004 she has built several personal development businesses in New York City. She holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.