Prerna Diksha MD

Prerna Diksha is a junior doctor with a deep-seated passion for mental health advocacy. The loss of her younger brother to suicide has imbued in her a relentless pursuit to create a difference in the mental health sphere. She believes that mental health touches every Australian; and that only united can we aspire toward a society devoid of stigma, and mental health system founded upon accessibility, equity and parity.  

Prerna is particularly passionate about youth mental health and grassroots, community-driven advocacy.

She has led several mental health campaigns, community engagement and development initiatives. At age 18 she spearheaded a political lobbying campaign collecting 10,000 signatures across Australia to establish a headspace centre in her community, where she subsequently worked as Youth Ambassador. Prerna has delivered youth resilience and leadership workshop programs to high school and university students; fundraised over $30,000 and been a keynote guest speaker at several institutional and community mental health events. Prerna has also worked in international youth mental health, volunteering with Project Burans, a mental health NGO in the rural Himalayan foothills. Her research on resilience-building amongst uneducated slum-dwelling children received awards at the 2017 IFMSA General Assembly in Europe.

Prerna is committed to harnessing and empowering everyday Australians to advocate for reform in the national mental healthcare system.